An appeal for supporters to stop abusing the referee and shouting foul language from the sidelines has again been issued by club chairman Alan Foulger following incidents at home games this season writes Brian Seeney.

"We have had problems in the past with this kind of thing and whilst I understand the frustration that some might feel about the decisions or performance of the referee, there is no excuse at all for shouting abuse at the referee and using bad language," said chairman Foulger (pictured).

Leaflets will be handed out pitchside to supporters and placed on lunch tables at the Match Day Lunch this Saturday (7th).

"It is simply not acceptable and supporters must understand that severe sanctions can be taken against supporters and our club if this continues.

"Fortunately we have not been reported to the Hampshire RFU this season for abusing a match official but we easily could have been and this has to stop.

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"Twelve years ago our club was reprimanded by the Hampshire RFU for supporters abusing the referee but escaped punishment because we, as a club, had tried to subdue the problem by putting up notices warning supporters of the problems that abuse can create and issuing individual notices to supporters.

"Sanctions can include fines for the club and supporters being banned from watching matches and having their membership rescinded.

"People must remember that without a referee there is no game,.

"Referees do not have the benefit of intervention from touch judges or a television match official so if the referee doesn't see things the same way one of our supporters does then that is not the cue for shouting abuse at the referee.

"And there is no excuse whatsoever for foul language.

"I appeal to everyone to moderate their behaviour and stop shouting abuse otherwise there could be serious ramifications.

"We are a family club and have been very successful in producing a Referees Academy at the club over the last three years encouraging youngsters to become referees.

"We are regarded as a leading light in the County and beyond. So let’s see more support and respect for the officials as I certainly do not want to be hauled before a County disciplinary meeting again to answer for someone else’s indiscretions.”

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