Winners of the Monthly Draw for November, December and January draws have been named.

"We apologise for the delay in holding these Draws but due to the unavailability of bank statements from NatWest since mid-November, it is something that was out of our control," explained Club Chairman Alan Foulger who is the Draw Organiser.

The winners are:

November 2017 - £30 Mr S. Bennett, £20 Mr R. Bundy, £15 Ms S. Wheatcroft, £10 Mr T. Tubbritt.

December 2017 - £100 Mrs B. Fitzgerald, £30 Mr B. Seeney, £20 Mr N. Hardy, £15 Mr K. Raymond, £10 Mr H. Jones.

January 2018 - £30 Mr R. Gillett, £20 Mr L. Thwaites, £15 Mr W. Stevens, £10 Mr N. Hardy.

You could be a winner if you join the Monthly Draw for just £1 per month for one number or you can have multiple numbers to increase your chances of winning!

"We have about 170 numbers in the draw at present and I have set a target of 225 for the year 2018." said Alan.

"The more people that join, the bigger the prizes will get."

"It's an important fundraiser to enable our Club to purchase much needed equipment."

Application forms can be found in the library section of this website or in the Clubhouse.


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