Gosport & Fareham Vets 24 Trojans Vets 34

No Ajax, Achilles or Agamemnon among these, but other famous (or should it be notorious?) names from the past such as Daly, Middleton, Mavin, strode out on Gosport’s Elysian Fields to fight for the honour of the Hugin against the Trojan warriors yesterday writes Joe Cloke.

The John Sneezum Vets Cup kicked off and for ten minutes the ball, never mind the players, did not cross the opposition 22 metre line. One began to wonder if perhaps that line should become the try line for this match!

But eventually a certain amount of momentum was gained and after 29 minutes the young Adam Henderson, still at the tender age of 35, galloped up the field like a young Paris in pursuit of Helen to score under the posts.

The conversion failed – Gosport & Fareham 5 Trojans 0.

A fairly lacklustre first half closed with a converted Trojans try – Gosport & Fareham 5 Trojans 7.

The second half took off – a relative term for a Vets match – and within two minutes Trojans scored another converted try to extend their lead to 14-5.

This was followed two minutes later by a Pat Mulholland try for Gos, converted this time by Richard Lloyd – Gos 12, Trojans 14.

A yellow card for Trojans had little impact on the game and it was another 15 minutes before the youthful Henderson set off again to score his second try again under the posts, again converted by Lloyd, to give Gos a 19-14 lead.

One must not expect too much of these aged warriors. The ball tends to become trapped under a heap of players because no-one has the energy to get off it and passes go astray because the ball-carrier cannot run any further!

We were fortunate on this occasion that the referee apparently realised that high tackles were not due to any malicious intent but rather to the inability of the player to get lower down to make a legitimate tackle and so gave penalties rather than yellow or even red cards.

The final 15 minutes of the match produced a veritable flurry of activity.

Trojans intercepted one of those Gos passes that ‘went astray’ to score another converted try – 19-19.

Then Richard Daly committed a professional foul for which he received a yellow card and Trojans scored from the resultant penalty for 19-22.

On 78 minutes Trojans scored another converted try then Gary Middleton scored for Gos, a try converted by Richard Lloyd for 24-29.
The final play of the match saw Trojans score yet another try, this time unconverted to give them a 34-24 victory.

After all that the players from both sides and the spectators, of which there was a good number, repaired to the Clubhouse for the traditional post-battle feasting and libations.

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