Recent Monthly Draw winners have been named.

They are:

£30 K. Raymond, £20, £15 and £10 Mrs. B. Fitzgerald.

£50 M. Monaghan, £30 R. Bundy, £20 N. Hardy, £15 A. Rabjohn, £10 Mrs. B. Fitzgerald.

August 2016
£30 W. Burt, £20 T. Pizzey, £15 R. Adams, £10 Mrs. B. Fitzgerald.

July 2016
£30 A. Foulger, £20 A. Lear, £15 L. Thwaites, £10 Mrs. J. Robson.

Find out more about how you can win cash prizes in the Monthly Draw section of this website or pick up an Application Form from the Clubhouse.


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