Join our Monthly Draw and you can win cash prizes and help our club raise much-needed funds.

All you have to do is pay a regular monthly amount towards the draw and you could be a winner because 50% of the sums paid are then given out in prize money.

Each stake (draw number) costs £1 per month - you can have as many numbers as you want. The more you contribute the greater your chance of winning prize money and the more numbers everyone buys the bigger the prizes become.

If you want just one number, you pay £12 in one payment, (cheque, postal order or cash) but if you want two (or more) draw numbers you can pay on a monthly basis through a standing order bank mandate.

The draw is normally held on the third Sunday of each month, although it can be held at special functions.

Prize monies are currently £30, £20, £15 and £10 with additional quarterly prizes in March and September of £50 and in June and December of £100.

The prizes will be further increased as more new members join. So it's up to everyone to encourage friends and family to join the Hugin monthly draw. Prize cheques are posted to members immediately after the draw has taken place.

So, sign up now by either completing an application form or pick up a form from the bar. Don't delay or you'll miss out on our great cash prizes!

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