GFRFC U13 Vikings were away to Romsey in the quarter finals of the Hampshire Youth Cup.

Romsey to kick off and all the play is in Gosport’s half and within 6 mins Romsey are through with a try straight through the middle (5-0 Romsey). After looking equal in the scrum the first couple of times, Gosport start to lay down the power and are edging the scrum battle giving them possesion and platform to work off. Ciaran Meachen out runs the opposition with a quick try (5-5). The Vikings capitalise from some poor handling which culminates in a terrific try for Tom Robertson (that’s going to cost Head Coach Robertson extra pocket money) (10-5 Gosport). Coming up for half time and the play is very hard fought with some crunching tackles going in from Gosport but Romsey take advantage of some fine play and run in another 10-10 at the whistle.

The second half begins and the noise from the Gosport supporters is worthy of England’s finest day at Twickenham, Gosport kick off to Romsey who are quick off the mark with their coaches’ instructions and score again (15-10 Romsey). Romsey’s coaching staff have done a great job at half time with their boys as they run in another try in quick succession (20-10 Romsey). In true Gosport fashion the Vikings wake up and decide they want to have a proper game and take it all the way to Romsey with Marcus Blockley-Webb having a go and scoring a cracking try, one which his father will tell you about in the clubhouse for the next 7 years (20-15). Ciaran Meachen off on one of his runs again and smashes through the Romsey defence to make it past the line again (20-20) now we have a game. Romsey have another go but with Fin Shields on the wing and helped by Joe Bass at full back they go nowhere. Some very quick penalties by George Middleton (Dad take note for the Vets game!) help Gosport to score two more tries (30-20 Gosport). Now Romsey look to be running out of steam in a very hard match but are punished yet again with another Ciaran Meachen try (35-20 Gosport), the Gosport management are starting to dance with delight on the touchline either that or someone spilt coffee when the Ref blew the whistle for full time.

Gos ball WEB

Gosport are Semi-finalists in the Hampshire cup!!!!

All the boys played exceptionally well and made the coaches, Management, and parents alike very, very proud!

Man of the Match as Voted by Romsey: Alec Campbell-Baldwin

Viking of the Week: George Middleton

Player of the Week: Fin Shields

Tackle of the Week: Harrison Brentchley

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