Gosport & Fareham Under 14s (Saxons) made it 10 wins out of 10 when they beat Trojans 44-33.

Trojans arrived at Gosport Park with a large determined squad of 30 players and a match over three 20 minute periods was agreed. The match started at a furious pace with high intensity and passion from both sides. Trojans scored first with a reply from the Saxons with both tries converted. Trojans then controlled a period of the game scoring three more converted tries. Period score Saxons 7 Trojans 28.

Trojans rotated their line up to ensure maximum game time for their squad. The Saxons regrouped having not played too badly despite being behind. ln previous seasons the Saxons may have let their heads drop but not now as they are made of sterner stuff with a bit steel running right through the team. Saxons dominated the second period scoring three unanswered tries one of which was converted. Period score Saxons 17 Trojans 0, match score Saxons 24 Trojans 28.

With all to play for in the last period Trojans made further changes with some of the first period players returning to the match. This is where the Saxons steel shone through and they toughed it out against a good team. Trojans again scored first with an unconverted try putting them 9 points clear. Game management by the players then saw Saxons kick 2 penalties to bring the score to Saxons 30 Trojans 33. The match was evenly poised with both sides having opportunities to score and win the game. Saxons then stunned Trojans with two more converted tries. Period score Saxons 20 Trojans 5, final match score Saxons 44 Trojans 33.

A strong performance all round as the forwards strike runners went well ably supported by the rest of the forwards who ran themselves ragged in support of the team, the backs went well with the half backs marshalling the Saxons back line in attack and support. In fact the squad 1-18 all deserve a mention. The fact that the Saxons only conceded one try in the last 40 minutes is also worthy of a mention and proved how hard and determined the Saxons were in defence, despite Trojans throwing everything at us.

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