Mini round-up

Vikings host Heathens

Last Sunday Gosport & Fareham U12s (the Vikings) entertained local rivals Fareham Heathens.

The rain held off but the usual biting winds made for chilling times for the spectators, many of whom made for the clubhouse and a warming cuppa. However, all were back in time to see the game.

The boys' session started with a game of touch rugby before breaking out into a number of different training sessions. They were then invited to show that they had absorbed this training in a friendly game against the Heathens. Always a challenge and this session was no exception.

First score fell to Tom Robertson following a good miss pass allowing him to score in the corner. Heathens put up a good defence in this, the first of 4 quarters, and the quarter ended 1-0 to Gosport. There then followed a flurry of tries from Cieran Meachen and another from Tom. Cieran’s speed was much in evidence, especially on the later occasion when he collected his own kick and raced over the try line. Gosport also put in some sterling defence in this period with Heathens’ closest attempt at a try being held up over the try line.

There were some brave attempts by the fly-half of the moment to try and organise the Gosport backs into defensive or attacking lines but, although the spectators could hear the instructions clearly, and the coaches were shouting instructions much to the same effect, the backs chose not to hear the advice. The predictable result was players overshooting the man with the ball, forcing the forward pass and giving the ball away.

The second 2 quarters continued with Gosport in the ascendency. Both sides made handling errors but Heathens seemed particularly prone to it and many of their attacking phases broke down for this reason. The Gos defence was strong nonetheless, and Harrison took holding the ball up literally when he grabbed the player with the ball and lifted him up, leaving his feet dangling in the air. Just when it looked like Heathens would get one back, Fin Sheilds put in a great cover tackle, saving the try and gaining possession for Gosport. Fittingly, Fin also scored his first try of the season during what was a great performance.

Another brilliant example of defensive rucking came when Bailey Downing, staying on his feet, reached over the tackled man, ripped the ball from his hands and then set off on a thundering run down the touchline, the crowd urging him on. He was stopped short but the ball ended with Josh who went over the line to score. Other tries came from Cieran and Callum during this period.

The Heathens had arrived a bit down in numbers so were given three volunteers in the shape of Ben Coleman, Harry Reed and Rhys Williams. All of whom put in strong performances and without whom the scoreline would have been even higher. Ben managed to get the only try for Heathens, following a deft piece of speed and sleight of hand. The final score was 9-1.

 U12 FH 20170319

Mini success at County Festival

Congratulations to Gosport & Fareham RFC Under 11s and 12s on their performance at the County Festival today where the Romans won the Cup and the Vikings won the Shield respectively.

Vikings triumph away at Petersfield

Once again due to ongoing injuries and family commitments, the Vikings (Under 12s) faced Petersfield with only just enough players to form a team.

Unlike in previous weeks, the away fixture saw some players having to play out of position to form a competitive team, but in true Vikings' style the boys did not disappoint in what was a fiercely contested game of rugby, winning 0-10.

Notable performances from Fergus Carle and Bailey Downing who played their first competitive match at Hooker and Inside Centre respectively.

On a pitch that was long, but narrow, it was evident early on that the Vikings back line weren’t going to be able to play their usual expansive game as the opposition defence found it easy to cover the width of the pitch.

The tight five worked hard to punch forward, having learnt from mistakes in previous games. They played a solid rucking game in an attempt to draw Petersfield defenders into the breakdown.

Half way through the first period, their perseverance was rewarded when the Petersfield backs were drawn in, opening a gap at outside centre that George Middleton managed to exploit, crossing for the first try of the game.

The try seemed to galvanise the opposition, who then enjoyed a period of sustained possession.

They failed to convert this into points however, mainly due to some fierce tackling in the inside channels by Alec Campbell-Baldwin at Scrum Half and Ben Coleman at Fly Half.

The Petersfield period of dominance was ended by some brilliant counter rucking by the Vikings' pack and some quality individual ripping in loose mauls by Baily Downing, Alec Campbell-Baldwin and the Skipper, Harrison Brenchley. On the stroke of halftime, the Vikings picked up possession inside the Petersfield 22, with Petersfield rushing out to cover the well-set Vikings threequarter line, Marcus Blockley-Webb cut back on the blind side and powered over the line to score the second try.

The second half turned out to be a ‘knock for knock’ competition, the Petersfield Coaching Team had obviously identified the Vikings' strategy from the first half and briefed their players at half time. 

The Petersfield defence remained well organised for the full 20 minutes and the breakdown areas were fiercely contested with neither team managing to gain any advantage.

With 10 minutes to play, it looked like Petersfield were going to get themselves back into the competition, when one of their biggest players powered through the Vikings defence and found himself one on one with the Vikings Fullback Findlay Shields.

Giving away around 15 centiometres in height and a fair few kilos, Finlay got himself into the attacker’s channel and delivered a perfect tackle, driving their player backwards and allowing the Vikings' defence to regroup. 

This proved to be the last clear scoring opportunity for either side as they continued to cancel each other out until the final whistle.

Both sets of parents, coaches and the Referee applauded the teams on what had been an exciting and entertaining match to watch.

Player of the Week – Ben Coleman
Viking of the Week – Bailey Downing
Tackle of the Week – Findlay Shields


So many young people playing rugby!

Sunday the 15th of January 2017 - what a day!

Over 600 youngsters played as the Mini Section hosted Havant across all age groups (U6-U12).

It required a great effort by the duty teams, Mini/Youth Chair and Club Safeguarding Officer as this extraordinary attendance passed without incident as all our club members and visitors took extra efforts to park safely and with due care for our neighbours.

Across all ages fantastic rugby was played with Cup games and a friendly being played by the Youth Section as well.

Gos ball WEB

Big smiles, great rugby!

The Pirates (Under 8s) hosted 12 US Portsmouth players and four of their coaches to an action packed training session last Sunday.

Laudatory comments were once again given to the way in which coaching sessions are run at Gosport Park.

After training we the teams played some matches and for the first time picked mixed US Portsmouth and Gosport & Fareham players, which worked out extremely well.

Thirty-four young players had a great morning's rugby in the cold but sunny session.

There was some great running with the ball in both hands and excellent positioning to make the tag tackle.

A big thank you to everyone who bought cakes from the Pirates cake sale as this made £84 for the squad fund raising.

New squad members are always welcome at 10am on Sunday mornings at Gosport Park unless the team are playing away.

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